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Behavioral Health

Behavioral health includes both mental health and substance abuse issues. Behavioral health care can involve the care and treatment of emotional problems for adults, children and families. It also can involve care and treatment for addictions of any kind such as alcohol, drugs and gambling. Behavioral health issues can affect anyone.

What can cause behavioral health issues?

There are many causes of behavioral health issues. For example, any type of stress or crisis at home, work or in the community can cause behavioral health issues. Loss of a loved one, loss of work or loss of any kind can cause behavioral health issues. Abuse of alcohol or drugs can make issues worse.

Why get help?

If you are concerned about your well-being or that of someone close to you, take time to get help. When your normal coping skills aren’t working to help you deal with the stress of life or a crisis, it may be time to get help.

Behavioral health services can help people who are dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. People who work in the behavioral health field can help you by trying to understand your needs and setting up the right treatment to meet your needs. Getting treatment can help you change your thoughts, feelings and actions. It can help you stop your addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling. It can help you make your life better through support and counseling.

How do I get help and what is covered?

Please refer to the section that pertains to you based on your coverage to ensure you are seeking behavioral health services through the correct contractor. Effective 10/01/2015, members who are Health Choice Arizona and have a Medicare Plan should call Member Services at 1-800-237-7153 (TTY 711) for a listing of Health Choice behavioral health providers.

Members who are Health Choice Arizona only:

Behavioral health services are covered through the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) or Tribal Regional Behavioral Health Authority (TRBHA) based on your county of residence. Your Regional Behavioral Health Authority provides the following services:

  • Emergency services
  • Inpatient hospital services
  • Evaluations
  • Outpatient services
  • Substance abused services
  • Residential care
  • Case management services
  • Medication management

Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA)

The following are the responsible RBHAs and TRBHAs based on county:

Maricopa County
Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care
Member Services: 800-564-5465
Crisis Line: 602-222-9444

Pima/Pinal County
Cenpatico Integrated Care
Member Services: 866-495-6738
Crisis Line: 866-495-6735

Health Choice Integrated Care

Apache, Coconino, Gila, Mohave, Yavapai and Navajo Counties
Member Services: 800-640-2123
Crisis Line: 877-756-4090

Tribal Behavioral Health Authority (TRBHA)

Pascua Yaqui RBHA
Member Services: 520-897-6060
Crisis Line: 520-591-7206

Gila River RBHA
Member Services: 520-562-3321
Crisis Line: 800-259-3449

Navajo Nation RBHA
Member Services: 928-871-6877
Crisis Line: No crisis hotline available, please go to your local Indian Health Services hospital for help, call 911 or call your PCP.

White Mountain Apache RBHA
Member Services: 928-338-4811
Crisis Line: No crisis hotline available, please go to your local Indian Health Services hospital for help, call 911 or call your PCP.