Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Overview

BCBSAZ Health Choice wants you and your family to live a healthy life by making smart, healthy choices.

Eating right, exercising, getting shots for your children and following your doctor’s advice are part of living a healthy life. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you become a more positive role model for other people in your community and in your family, particularly children. As a parent, your healthy choices will teach your children to make healthy choices starting at a young age.

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The vaccine doesn’t just protect you – it protects your friends, family, and community from a potentially deadly virus. Even healthy people get the flu, and it can be serious.

Where can I get vaccinated?

  • Provider offices and clinics
  • Pharmacies (No appointment needed!)
  • Your local health departments
  • Urgent care clinics

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We are here to help you stay healthy!
Call Member Services at 1-800-322-8670 for help finding a provider or pharmacy giving flu shots near you.

Health Appraisal

If you are a new member of BCBSAZ Health Choice or if there has been a change to your health care (such as a hospitalization), one of our care coordinators will call you to ask you questions in order to assess your health. After the health appraisal, if the care coordinator finds a health risk that we can help you manage, you may be offered enrollment in a care management program which is designed to help you stay healthy.

If you are receiving services from a Behavioral Health Home, your care team there will help you complete these questions. 

Care Management and Disease Management

BCBSAZ Health Choice has a staff of nurses and health care professionals who may be assigned to help you and/or or a family member get the health care you need. Our staff works closely with you and your health care team.  This can include your primary care provider, specialist, and, behavioral health team. This is a service that we offer to help you better understand your health condition, medication, or any other services you may need to promote healthy living.

You may be eligible for Care Management or Disease Management programs if you:

  • Have a health condition like: asthma, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, COPD, diabetes, hepatitis C, HIV, high blood pressure, or COVID-19
  • Have a high risk pregnancy
  • Are getting a transplant
  • Use the emergency department or hospital frequently
  • Were readmitted to a hospital less than 30 days after a discharge
  • Use a high dosage of pain medicines or anxiety medicines for more than 90 days
  • Have warning signs of a potential medication overdose. Information on opioid overdose prevention from the CDC can be found here.
  • Have an opioid use disorder
  • Are transferring between different care settings. This can include discharges from the Arizona State Hospital or release from jail or prison.
  • Have special health care needs
  • Made multiple grievances or complaints and need help getting the right care
  • Have been referred to us by someone on your care team

How to use these services:

Members in Care Management and Disease Management Programs have an assigned Care Manager. The Care Manager may call you to discuss your needs, review your records, and coordinate with your health care team to help you get the care, educational information, and resources you need. The Care Manager will work with you to develop a care plan with interventions and goals that address your needs.

How to Opt In or Opt Out of these services:

Please call our Member Services Line at 1-800-322-8670 if you have questions. Our representatives can help you:

  • Request our Care Management or Disease Management Programs
  • Opt Out of our Care and Disease Management Programs. You have the right to opt out at any time.


Healthy Living and Preventative Health Care

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