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BCBSAZ Health Choice Provider Star Ratings

Our star rating system is based on the below factors when available. The rating is based out of 5 possible stars, with the best performing providers in our network receiving a 5 star rating.

The elements used to calculate the star rating include:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Quality of care performance
  • Promotion and education of preventative care needs
  • Decreased hospitalization and ER visits for their members
  • Value of care

We are able to align our members with the best possible doctors in their area by factoring in these elements. With our provider directory search, you can look up a doctor by distance and also by quality or star rating. These additional search features help to ensure that members connect with a high quality provider who can help to manage their health and well-being.


BCBSAZ Health Choice Hospital Ratings

Hospital ratings provided in the Health Choice provider directory search are obtained from the Hospital Compare. These ratings show an average of individual hospitals’ quality performance as compared to all hospitals across the country.

The average is based on scores for the following quality measures:

  • Mortality
  • Safety of Care
  • Readmission
  • Patient Experience
  • Effectiveness of Care
  • Timeliness of Care
  • Efficient use of Medical Imaging

You may view this score within the Health Choice provider directory search, or visit Find Healthcare Providers: Compare Care Near You | Medicare. Once on the website, click the link for Hospitals and input your zip code.